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25 years ago when I moved here from Virginia, I did not understand what being an Ann Arborite meant; now I do. Ann Arbor is my home. I received a world-class education in Finance at Eastern Michigan and a Master’s Degree in Education at the University of Michigan. And, most importantly, I’m raising my family right here. When we first married, my wife Linda and I chose Ann Arbor over an established life in Virginia because Ann Arbor is the best place in the world to live.

Ann Arbor is a vibrant hub of social diversity, acceptance and economic power. We have a pedestrian friendly downtown combined with a solid foundation for attracting top businesses and an environment conducive to entrepreneurship. We take pride in shopping local. We are home to world-class Universities, medical centers, beautiful parks, and state of the art sporting venues. But at its core Ann Arbor is an enclave of acceptance. We welcome everyone. We do not turn our backs on new thinkers. We welcome the discourse knowing that only through debate from opposing viewpoints can we continue as the leaders and the best.

Our current state leadership is Republican controlled. For four years, Jeff Irwin has been unable to effect any change. I, on the other hand, can work with House members to bring back state funding to improve our roads, support thoughtful and reasonable education reform, and update our infrastructure to reduce our impact on the environment, to improve access to information, and attract businesses to our community. Currently, we only listen, through our choice of representation, to one side of the argument, which is limited in growth through imbalance. The House Republicans discount Jeff Irwin’s ideas out of hand. If elected, I can continue to communicate with the current controlling leadership to ensure our voice is heard. We live in a community of ideas, but the dogmatic thumping of a single drum hampers us. Like the members of an Orchestra, all the instruments must add their voice collectively to perform their best.By favoring only one side of the political argument, our community is unable to reach its full potential at the state level.

In a political reality that discounts Irwin’s views, are we being heard?

Unfortunately, I believe the answer to that question is “NO”

When elected as the Representative of the 53rd district, Ann Arbor, it is my commitment to you that our community’s collective voice will be heard. No longer will we be a donor city who sees its tax dollars spent elsewhere. We will step forward as a leader and one of the best communities in Michigan.

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John Spisak is committed to positive change in the Ann Arbor Community. His voice provides reasoned discourse in an increasingly divisive political environment. He advocates fiscal strength and a socially aware government. Vote for John Spisak if you want progress and innovation in our community.

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